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Avanquest Software
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March 8, 2010
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Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me

OnSpeed Publisher's Description

improves the speed of Internet access,broadband,GPRS,or Dial-Up connection.

By Avanquest Software about OnSpeed

OnSpeed radically improves the speed of your Internet access, whether it's a Broadband, Mobile (GPRS/G3) or Dial-Up connection. Using a unique and patented compression technology, OnSpeed reduces the file sizes of web pages and email to a fraction of their original weight, accelerating the download rate and dramatically improving your web experience.

With ONSPEED you'll never be frustrated by slow Internet access again!


* ONSPEED uses unique and patented compression algorithms to reduce the file sizes of web pages and email (for PC users)*.
* ONSPEED uses your existing Internet connection (Dial-up, Broadband or Mobile) and Internet Service Provider (ISP). ONSPEED does not replace your current connection; it makes it FASTER.
* ONSPEED runs in the background, speeding up your Internet connection automatically. You won't even notice it.
* ONSPEED offers additional value-added services: Integrated Diagnostic Support Tool, Pop-Up Blocker and Ad Blocker.


* Mobile connections (GPRS/3G) are up to 3 times faster, saving you money when you're using a cell phone and a laptop to Connect to the Internet.
* Dial-Up connection speeds are up to 5 times faster.
* Broadband download speeds can be 3 times faster.
* ONSPEED installs in minutes and runs in the background speeding up your connections automatically.
* Works without cables, engineers or other complications.
* Works all over the world with any type of Internet connection.
* For just $39.90 you get the software and one year of service.

Note:You will be able to download the product immediately after ordering!
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No special requirements
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